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The Wire Slicer Monaco+ can be used to safely slice young cheeses without a rind. Even if it accidentally slips, the cutting wire will not cause injury. This adjustable cheese slicer offers two thickness settings and is the result of more than 120 years of experience.

A safe cheese slicer
This cheese slicer with cutting wire is very safe to use. The replaceable cutting wire is strong enough to slice right through delicious young (Gouda) cheese without a rind. Even if it accidentally slips, the cutting wire will never cut your fingers. That means it’s kidproof!

Adjustable slice thickness
Do you prefer a thick or thin slice? This cheese slicer lets you choose for yourself. You can set the cheese slicer to two different thicknesses. Something for everyone!

Part of the Monaco+ line
As a part of the Monaco+ collection, this cheese slicer boasts all the finest features, helping to make slicing easy for you. It is the proud result of over 120 years of experience in cheese tool making.

Easy to clean
This stainless steel cheese slicer is easy to clean by hand. A bit of warm, soapy water will get it squeaky clean again.

Dimensions:  9.64"x4.33"x0.35"


Service here is top notch and their cheese selection is great and they will pretty much let you try anything and everything. 

Candi K.

Excellent service and huge selection of cheeses. The staff was so helpful and friendly and helped us choose the cheeses we might want to try based on what we know we liked. 

Nancy F.

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