Boska Hard Cheese Knife Copenhagen No.3

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Looks and power all in one -  you can cut through hard and very hard cheeses with ease with the Hard Cheese Knife Copenhagen No.3. This new, sharp cheese knife is made of hardened steel which has been sharpened on both sides. The knife won't bend when you're exerting the force needed to break through the cheese, which makes it super safe to use. Got some extremely hard cheeses lying around? Then you need to add this cheese knife to your arsenal! 

Brute force
Thanks to its dashing looks, this knife will undoubtedly get the attention it deserves. But you're not just adding a beautiful knife to your home. It's actually immensely powerful. The handle feels sturdy and comfortable in your hand. All in all, you can take on the hardest cheeses with this powerhouse.

The knife cuts on two sides
This class act among cheese knives comes with a 10 year guarantee. That way, you'll be cutting up the most delicious ingredients for many years to come. The rounded edge of the blade also enables you to easily cut in super straight lines! That gives you form and function all in one. 


Service here is top notch and their cheese selection is great and they will pretty much let you try anything and everything. 

Candi K.

Excellent service and huge selection of cheeses. The staff was so helpful and friendly and helped us choose the cheeses we might want to try based on what we know we liked. 

Nancy F.

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