Life Is Better with Cheese Unless You’re Eating Massive Amounts

Life Is Better with Cheese Unless You’re Eating Massive Amounts

According to the recent reports from the Agricultural Department, cheese consumption increased to a record 37.23 pounds. Also, another study by Harvard researchers reveals that there is a null or weak inverse association between consumption of dairy products and risk of cardiovascular disease. With these statistical data, you can consume your favorite gourmet cheese bought from the cheese shop in Leavenworth WA without any guilt. But, this doesn’t mean that you can start consuming cheese indiscriminately. Here are a few guidelines to make cheese part of your healthy diet.

Fresh Cheese

Fresh cheeses are considered to be low in fat and cholesterol and are produced by the coagulation of milk and cream by chemical or culture acidification. A serving of fresh cheese or ricotta has a healthy dose of protein and calcium. In addition to these, they also contain Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus fermentum, two probiotic strains that are beneficial for gut health. 

Harder Cheese

Harder cheeses are fermented to increase the shelf life and come with rich flavor. The varieties that come under hard cheese are cheddar, Swiss, and Parmesan. These cheeses are considered to be the good sources of calcium and Vitamin A. If you have gut problems or irritable bowel syndrome, harder cheese plays a vital role in reducing the symptoms. Small portions of these cheeses are enough to experience the intense flavor and enjoy the health benefits.

Blue Cheese

Depending on the type of processing method, they fall somewhere between hard and soft cheese. These cheese varieties are high in calories, total and saturated fat, yet they are also one of the highest in calcium.

Soft Cheeses

These cheese varieties are extremely tasty and fall into the ‘less healthy category.’ Don’t overeat soft cheese as they are high in fat content.

Processed Cheese

Many researchers suggest people to completely avoid processed cheeses as they have been manipulated and engineered and pumped with preservatives.

The Bottom Line

By eating quality cheeses in moderation as part of a diet rich in whole foods, you can stay healthy without any guilt.

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