7 Rules of Cheese Every Cheese Lovers Should Know

7 Rules of Cheese Every Cheese Lovers Should Know

Excellent as a snack on its own, cheese is a perfect ingredient in pasta, soups, soufflé, and many other recipes. Depending on the type of cheese, its nutritional value varies.

Moreover, the temperature, moisture, and time are all controlled to produce the desired taste, color, and texture of the cheese. Cheese also make excellent desserts. The mascarpone and cream cheese pack more calories and fat whereas cottage and mozzarella cheese are at the lower end of fat and calories per serving.

So, to all the cheese lovers, here are a few rules of cheese that you shouldn’t forget when dealing with cheese.

Say ‘No’ to Cling Film

When you go shopping, you can find fresh domestic or imported cheese wrapped in cling film in the grocery shelves. But, you should say strictly ‘no’ to this and replace the cling film with cheese paper or baking paper. These papers allow the cheese to breathe and won’t dry it out quickly.

Unwrapped Cheese in the Fridge is a Big ‘No, No’

Avoid putting unwrapped cheese in the fridge. If you leave it unwrapped, the cheese will dry out, becomes hard and uneatable.

Serve Cheese at Room Temperature

Don’t serve cheese straight out of the fridge as it ruins the flavor, aroma, and texture of the cheese. So, before serving it, allow it to sit for an hour and reach the room temperature.

Use Separate Utensils

When serving a cheese platter, use separate utensils even if it may not seem very important. Eating a variety of cheese directly from the board affects the taste and ruins the experience of all the delightful flavors to offer.

Don’t Buy Pre-grated Cheese

Stop buying pre-grated cheese because buying a full block of cheese is cheaper and keeps it fresh for a long time.

Don’t Freeze Fresh Cheese

Fresh cheese is volatile as it is and just after one day, fresh cheese like feta and mozzarella will start to lose their moisture and become rubbery. Soaking the cheese in warm, salted milk brings back the moisture and burst of flavors you lost while refrigerating.

Use a Wedge

Keep the cheese in a wedge as long as possible so the cheese can be enjoyed in its best form.

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